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I Gathered 10 Legends of Marketing And Put Them Under the Spotlight

We Grill These Industry Titans to Share Their Secrets, Strategies and Success Hacks

Neil Patel
Founder -
Growth Hacking / Business Expert

  • Strategies For Amazing Content FAST
  • How to Convert Attract the Perfect Audience
  • Simple Lead Generation Through Amazing Content
  • Getting More Done Faster
  • Powerful Hacks for Customer Engagement

Nicholas Kusmich
Founder -
Facebook and Paid Media Expert

  • How to Maximize Facebook Conversions
  • Campaign Strategies That Work
  • How He Created 17,805% ROI in One Campaign
  • Testing Tactics To Maximize Profits
  • Funnel Hacks that Produce Real Results

Joel Comm
Founder / CEO -
NYT Best Selling Author - Live Streaming Expert

  • Live Streaming Stratgies for Engagement
  • What Platforms Work Best and Why
  • How to Boost Your Personal Brand
  • Turning Engagement in to Sales
  • Live Streaming Hacks That Accelerate Results

Tom Beal
12 Week Mastery
Business Productivity Expert

  • Maximizing Your Productivity The Smarter Way
  • Morning Hacks to Bring Clarity
  • How to Stop Over Complicating Success
  • The Philosophy of the 12 Week Year
  • The Trinity Success Method (This is Mind Blowing)

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E. Brian Rose
Co-Founder -
Personal Branding / Business Expert

  • Building Your Authority (Even if No-One Knows You)
  • Branding and Expert Positioning in Any Niche
  • Creating the Foundation of Your Personal Brand
  • Social Media Strategies to Establish Credibility
  • Strategies for Maintaining Your Position of Power

Gonzalo Paternoster
Founder -
Outsourcing and Automation Expert

  • The 3 Major Myths of Outsourcings
  • Implementing Smart Systems in Your Business
  • Finding The Right Outsourcers FAST
  • The Secrets of Real Business Automation
  • Creating Unlimited Leads For Your Business

Dr Ben Adkins
Founder / CEO -
Automated Copywriting Expert

  • Understanding Your Audiences Exact Needs
  • Campaigns That Attract the Perfect Customer
  • Simple and Effective Productivity Hacks
  • Automating Your Copywriting (Without Writing a Word)
  • Conversion Triggers that Compel Action

Jimmy Kim
Founder / CEO -
Email Marketing & Deliverability Expert

  • Key Strategies to Actually Get Inboxed
  • How to Avoid The Dreaded Gmail Promotions Tab
  • Revamping Dead Lists the Smart Way
  • Getting Your Emails Actually Opened and Clicked
  • Email Campaigns That Convert Like Crazy

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Rapid Product Creation Secrets

How To Create A High Quality Product Guaranteed To Sell Like Hotcakes... In 24 Hours Or Less!

  • How to find your starving crowd.
  • How to “map out” your entire product in an afternoon.
  • How to start selling your product before you create it.
  • How much to charge for your product.
  • The 3 types of products EVERY business needs.

10x Content Marketing Formula

How To Generate Traffic And Leads With Your Best Content and Make it Work Harder 24/7

  • What content marketing is, and how it fits into your overall business strategy.
  • How to come up with winning content ideas.
  • How to create fast, effective content.
  • How to write blog posts that “go viral.”
  • How to grow your business with social media.
  • How to repurpose your content so you get “more bang for your buck.”

12-Step Video Sales Letter Mastery

Steal My Proven Formula That Is Responsible For Over $4.3 Million In Sales

  • Why creating a VSL is much easier (and faster) than writing a sales letter.
  • How to structure your VSL.
  • How to grab your prospect’s attention… and KEEP it!
  • How to get inside the mind of your prospect.
  • How to make people believe your claims.
  • How to get people “off the fence” and get them to take action.

Creating Amazing LiveStreams

The Hottest New Way To Generate Leads, Build Your Personal Brand And Make Sales!

  • How to use live streams to grow your personal brand.
  • How to generate leads and sales with Facebook Live Video.
  • How to setup Custom Audiences and market your live streams effectively.
  • How to boost engagement and ensure you stay top of mind.
  • What equipment and software to use to create high-quality live streams.
  • How to be comfortable on camera.

8-Figure Funnel Breakdown

A Step-By-Step Breakdown Case Study of a Funnel that Went from 6 Figures to 8 Figures in Months...

  • What an 8-figure funnel looks like.
  • How one funnel turned a 6-figure business into an 8-figure empire in 12 months.
  • 4 insider secrets to selling high-ticket products and services.
  • The ONE thing you must always do before you ask for the sale.
  • How to create up-sells and cross-sells that boost your profits by as much as 412%.
  • How to increase customer lifetime value and reduce churn rates by up to 76%.

High-Converting Webinar Strategies

The Easy Way To Sell High-Ticket Products… Even If You’re A Beginner With No Credentials!

  • How to structure the perfect webinar.
  • How to “prime” people for your webinar so they show up ready to BUY.
  • How to write all of your webinar slides in 1 hour or less.
  • What you should always/never do on your webinars.
  • How to setup “automated” webinars that sell your product while you sleep.
  • What webinar software to use.

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  • Have Your First Mail Timer set up in Seconds
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Tap In To The UNLIMITED Potential and Knowledge of These Legends of Marketing


Neil Patel

Content Marketing Ninja


Nicholas Kusmich

Master of Paid Media ROI


Joel Comm

Social Media Legend


E Brian Rose

King of Expert Fame


Tom Beal

Productivity & Success Expert


Jimmy Kim

Email Marketing Genius


Dr Ben Adkins

Automated Copy Ninja


Jason Anderson

Video Marketing Master


Gonzalo Paternoster

System & Automation King


David Schloss

Facebook Traffic Ninja

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